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We are creating the first Digital LED Billboards on Yellow Cab Taxi in Sullivan County New York. The size of the billboard is approximately 1ft tall by 4ft. wide, double sided and sits on the roof of the taxi cab.

One-Time Introductory Offer

$150.00 per month for a Six-Month contract.

The unbelievable inexpensive cost to have your ad see by thousands of people.  Six Month Contract: your ad is displayed for six (6) consecutive months. $900.00 on both sides of the sign. One Time payment. Ads can be changed at no charge 1x a month.

Bright Advertising taxi toppers

Taxi Advertising

An ad on a Cab Topper, currently only on Yellow Cab Taxis, is an extremely good investment. Cabs travel approximately 100,000 miles per year each. The toppers are 1 foot tall by 4 feet wide and are double sided. The current introductory cost is $150 per month if you sign for six months. Only ten advertisers will be allowed to purchase space on each side. If you purchase this ad, your ad will be displayed 24 times per hour, 575 times per day, 4032 times per week and 17,388 times per month. You can’t get that exposure from a newspaper ad!

How Often Will My Ad Be Displayed?

A maximum of ten (10) advertisers will be displayed per side at fifteen (15) second intervals.

Each taxi travels approx. 100,000 miles per year.

Times Per Hour
Times Per Day
Times Per Week
Times Per Month

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