Digital Billboard Advertising and LED Signs

Bright Advertising is the first and only digital display advertising company in Sullivan County. We can provide digital signs for your business, and advertisements for your business on a billboard or a Taxi Topper.

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Digital Billboards

One of the first Digital LED Billboards on a State/Federal & Local Highway in Sullivan County, New York.  The Billboard is on Route 17B in the Town of Thompson.

Bright Advertising taxi toppers

Taxi Cab Digital Signage

The first Digital LED Billboards on Yellow Cab Taxi in Sullivan County New York. The unbelievable inexpensive cost to have your ad seen by thousands of people.

Bright Advertising sale sign

LED Signs for Business

One of the most powerful tools of consumer attraction at their disposal is as simple as LED signage. The majority of consumers have entered a small business simply because its sign caught their attention.


Driving around or driving by, your ad will be seen low and high.

Bright Advertising blank billboard

Don’t Miss Out

More than half of Americans see a digital sign at least once a week and nearly three-fourths so one each month. We’re talking about 210 million people per month!

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Why Go Digital?

Outdoor LED signs are a power digital horse in any weather environment and provide a significant return on your investment

Bright Advertising digital signs

Increase Annual Sales

On average, one additional on premise LED sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75% for the business.

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